Testimonial - ATFA

I have known Peter and have been involved in a number of projects he has undertaken over the past ten or so years. This was during my previous employment as Assistant Technical Manager with Timber Queensland Ltd (TQL) and currently as Technical Manager with the Australian Timber Flooring Association.

ln one of his larger and more recent projects, being the timber flooring and associated works in the Gallery of Modern Arts in Brisbane, Peter took a proactive approach to involve TQL on a third party basis for quality control of the timber flooring being installed. Such an approach ensured that any potential issues with the flooring or installation environment were handled in a judicious manner and thus ensured a high quality floor that met the high expectations of their client.

More recently Peter has installed flooring in the QPAC theatre and concert hall and again some assistance was provided during the early stages of this project. lt was a pleasure when visiting QPAC recently to see the completed curved and stepped floors, which were again of a very high standard and indicative of Peter's ability to take on and be successful with these high profile projects.

Over the years Peter has contacted me on a number of occasions to discuss certain jobs or aspects of concern, however during this period I cannot recollect being called by another party to a job that Peter has undertaken, where there has been a concern over workmanship or the final appearance of his floors. As I have been involved in inspecting many timber flooring problems, this testifies to the quality of his work and the manner in which he does business.

Yours faithfully

David Hayward (BE Mech.)
ATFA Technical Manager

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