New Line Marking

Our professional team of tradesman will install lines to courts to international standards. All the work is done in house and not contracted out to a third party ensuring highest quality of workmanship. All lines are installed under the top coats of the flooring system so they are a permanent feature and do not wear prematurely. A vast range of colours are available for multi court marking. We can install advertising decals and school or club logos to personalise the court to your needs. We ensure that the lines are to the latest standards updating regular through the various sporting associations.

new-line-markingWe offer numerous ways to remove unwanted game court markings or add in additional lines permanent or temporary.

We can supply and install temporary taped lines in high quality tape.

A neutral coloured tape is available for temporary cover of lines for sporting functions being held on multi marked courts to highlight only one game marking

Contact our office for full specifications of any of the systems above.

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